Monday, May 23, 2011

Optimum Opti Clean Review- Waterless Car Wash!!!

Is it really possible to wash a car without water?

Optimum Polymer Technologies just released a waterless car wash called Optimum Opti-Clean.

Does it work and is it really 'water' less? Can't you just use ONR at QD strength?

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Optimum Polymer Technologies is already well renowned for the Optimum No-Rinse (ONR).

ONR is actually a revolutionary rinse-less wash system where the ONR cleans the car and is just wiped dry after. No rinsing required. The ONR also leaves behind a protective polymer layer which increases the shine of your car.

For more details on ONR: ONR Guide

Optimum Polymer Technologies has now taken the basic concept behind ONR and has released a waterless wash, Optimum Opti-Clean.

Does it work? No better way to find out than to try it on a white car. Based on the Opti-Clean label, it is meant for convenient light cleaning and it is specified that when there is heavy dirt build up to use ONR instead.

So here we have a white car with some light dirt buildup. The perfect test case for Optimum Opti-Clean.

On the front right of the hood.

The product is very easy to use. Just spray on and wipe off with a clean microfiber towel. (Note: It is important that a microfiber towel is used as the polymers in Optimum Opti-Clean and ONR will trap dirt within the microfiber's themselves to prevent scratching of the paint while cleaning.). It is also important to note that the microfiber should be changed once there is significant dirt buildup to ensure that the paint isn't scratched by the dirt itself.

Here we go..... just spray on....

As to the question of whether you could use ONR at QD strength instead? The Optimum Opti-Clean seems to be of a thicker consistence than ONR QD. There seems to be a more even spread on the paint with less run-off. It also feels a lot slicker on the paint and gives the impression that the polymers are protecting the surface while cleaning.

After one wipe. Some dirt picked up on the edges.

After half the hood. Nice and clean..... Earlier stains removed.

Dirt picked up by the microfiber towel. Best to use a clean section of the towel for the next panel.

50/50 on the roof. Nice deep gloss even on white.

Test on the lower panel behind the front wheel.

The recommendation for dirtier sections of the car is to spray on more Opti-Clean and leave it for a few seconds before wiping off. Wiped off the middle section below leaving the top and bottom for comparison.

All done!!!

Dirt picked up by the microfiber towel.

I must say that  the Optimum Opti-Clean was really easy to use. It also left behind an amazingly glossy appearance!!! Check out the pictures after just wiping with Opti-Clean.

Good stuff and highly recommended for light cleaning. Great glossy look after cleaning as well!!!

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